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New structure for the Coordination of the Educational Units of “Fe y Alegría” in Bolivia

July 7, 2017

In her last circular letter, the Provincial Superior of Andean America, Graciela Francovig, FI, announces the beginning of a new structure for the Educational Units of Fe y Alegría in Bolivia. The new team consists of
General Coordinator: H. Jung Hi Chai
Members: H. Rommy Villarroel, ​​pastoral area; Mr. Raúl Velasco, Director of Potosí; Ms. Marcela Castellón, former director of Santa Cruz; And Ms. Silvia Rivero, director of Montero.
Granciela Francovig explains how the process has been: “This process began with visits to the E.U. of Fe y Alegría, what has been expressed by the Sisters and laity, and also by Fe y Alegría. From the moment the Daughters of Jesus ceased in the educational management in the centers, Fe y Alegría created the figure of the Coordinator, this being a Daughter of Jesus. In the last years, we have found that it is not easy for us to maintain this figure in the present, let alone in the near future. It was for this reason that I raised this discernment with the Team for Schools at a meeting in October 2016 and this proposal was taken to the Sisters Assembly in January 2017. In April of this year, I had an explicit meeting with Directors and Sisters who work in our centers to raise the issue and see how we can continue. It was a very good process that could be carried out as a shared mission, where Daughters of Jesus and laity discovered that we can have a single coordination that accompanies the four educational units and that the coordinator can have a team to accompany her”.