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New website in Spain-Italy: www.hijasdejesus.es

October 5, 2016

From the Provincial Assistance Team for Communication in Spain-Italy, we are happy to present the new website of our province and for all the people who form the great family of Candida Maria de Jesus. As we commence the new academic year at this time of autumn, time to prepare the land for harvest, nurture it, fertilize it, receptive to sun, air, rain, we open this space for communication, open window to the word, image, music, dialogue; space to make ourselves known from the roots of our identity, space for encounter and inspiration for life.
Each and every one of the parts of the website comes after long reflection, and tries to be a reflection of our identity as a charismatic family and to show greater fidelity to our Constitutions.
We would like you to make the website yours and discover the meaning behind every one of its elements: the logo, colors, paragraphs …
This window is now open where through communication we may receive fresh air, one and many, varied autumn colors, that help us to reflect, be committed and above all encourage each other along the journey we are taking together as a great family, rooted in the charism we were given.
Enjoy yourself communicating! We offer this website with the same enthusiasm with which we have prepared it.

The Assistance Team for Communication