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Our celebration throughout the world

August 10, 2017

August 9 is a feast day for the family of Mother Candida. And we, the Daughters of Jesus, remember with great gratitude that 9th of August in 1912 when our Foundress died in Salamanca. Yesterday our houses and works from all over the world were celebrating.


In Colombia, colegio Reina de la Paz

In Cochabamba, where in addition our sisters celebrated the birthday of Teresa Ramírez

In Potosí



In Belo Horizonte, workers at the Central Office

In Braganca Paulista

In Leopoldina, where the Superior General, Maria Inez Furtado, and her consultor Joy Salomo are at present

In Mozambique, in Pemba


In República Dominicana, at the San Martin de Porres school

In República Dominicana, at the Politécnico Virgen de las Mercedes



In Andoain, home of Mother Cándida

In A Coruña, in the house of O Cruceiro

In Elche

In Madrid, at the Colegio Mayor Berrospe

In Málaga

In Sevilla

In Rome



In Bangladesh

In Philippines, in Cebu-Mindanao

In Philippines, in Ciudad Nuevo (Naic, Cavite)