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Plan to deepen the Determination of the CGXVIII

May 13, 2020

A year ago we celebrated the General Congregation XVIII. The fruit of that long month of work, prayer and discernment was the Determination, for the Daughters of Jesus, and six Calls in apostolic action, for all of us who are part of the Mother Candida Family.

In her circular No. 4, Graciela Francovig, our Superior General, told us:

“As a general government, in the discernment made for our planning, we have considered it appropriate to carry out a process of reflection and prayer of the Determination. We believe that it has a richness that we must ‘unravel’ in order to make the most of it and encourage a conversion of life that it will be the fruit of this process. “

It is an invitation to each Daughter of Jesus and to each community.

“The Congregation is in the fruitful process of assimilating the fruits of discernment of GC XVIII, Determination and Calls in apostolic action. This letter is intended to invite each Province, Community, Work, apostolic presence and Daughter of Jesus to to reconsider, as an Ignatian repetition, the gift received through GC XVIII. I invite the Superiors to promote spaces of prayer, exchange and discernment based on the suggestions offered. “

This itinerary began in November 2019 and is scheduled to end on December 8, 2021, the date on which we will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Congregation.

“This can be a good way to prepare for this feast of thanksgiving, to commit ourselves to our world and to revitalize in us the charismatic sap that we inherited from our Founding Mother. 

We want to guide a path … It has the objective of motivating a reading and facilitating a process. We wish, through it, to enable the Spirit to work in our hearts, for Him to configure that new face of the Daughter of Jesus, that new style of community, that new way of being of the Daughter of Jesus that our world needs today . We hope that this internalization will lead us to a true personal and institutional conversion. “

The planned plan to deepen the Determination consists of five moments. Each one has their worksheets to guide prayer and the discernment process. You can access them by clicking on each block.






The number 18 of the Determination tells us: “The experience of true evangelical poverty is a process that requires discernment. The Holy Spirit will help us to be faithful to tradition, inspiring us …”. This plan and the proposed cards are an aid to listen to this Spirit who speaks to us. Let’s go beyond reflection, let’s not stay in intellectual work. Let us allow ourselves to be questioned by reading our documents, prayer and discernment of the motions that are awakening in the sisters and in us. Although, as Graciela says in her letter,

“The only thing we cannot do is ‘not do this deepening’. Everything else is left to the possibilities of each context, to the criteria established by each provincial and local Superior.”

The community of Catalonia, of the Province of Spain-Italy, shares its experience of the first part of the plan. Read HERE what they tell us.