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Provincial Congregation of the Indian-Pacific Congregation convened

June 3, 2024

On May 31, with joy in her heart, the Provincial Superior, Emelinda Correa Falsis, convoked the Provincial Congregation (PC) of the Indian-Pacific Province.which will be held, with the grace of God, in Manresa Retreat House, Quezon City, from December 18 to 27, 2024. Since this is a very important event, the COP will be preceded by two days of activities, prayer and orientations of the members of the December 16-17, 2024. The first session will begin on December 18, 2024.

Since there are twelve sisters who are members of the PC by right, I have decided, after listening to the opinion of my councilors, that our sisters will elect twenty-three sisters from the five countries (Bangladesh, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, and Thailand) of the Indian-Pacific Province as members of the Provincial Congregation. Thus, the total number of members of the Provincial Congregation will be thirty-five.

Emelinda will meet with the Council and the Local Superiors for a common orientation of the work materials from June 30 to July 1, 2024, at Manresa Retreat House, Quezon City. The Local Superiors, in turn, will orient all the sisters in their respective communities, draw up a calendar of the work to be done,
and begin the dynamics of work with them.

She ends the letter with these words from our Constitution No. 136:

“Faithful to this vocation received in the Church, and according to the grace with which the Holy Spirit will help them, they must keep God as their Father before their eyes. They will place themselves in his hands with complete trust… they will always be ready to do his will in everything, finding joy in it…”