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Relay of memory and hands

September 14, 2022

This Monday, 12 September, was a very special day for the community of the General Curia in Rome. As the Superior General had announced in her circular no. 25, the change of Secretary General became effective.

From early in the morning, the atmosphere was festive, a mixture of joy and nostalgia. The beautifully decorated chapel reflected the emotion of the moment. At the Eucharist Gloria Albiac took over from Ana Baeza in this service so necessary for the smooth running of the Government.

Gratitude, availability and help are the three words that stand out on this day.

Gratitude in Ana and Gloria; gratitude of the Superior General to each one, but also gratitude expressed by the whole community. The reasons varied according to the speaker, but the sentiments were unanimous.

Availability, so much our own, is not a blind availability, it is felt, free and responsible, and it is acceptance of the sending when it is received. It is also a permanent willingness. This virtue was very strongly present. Both Ana and Gloria had, in the eyes of all, familiar circumstances to object. But both accepted this grace of being available and put it at the service, together with the other gifts that complete their profile for this work.

Finally, it helps. The Secretary is called to be a “help” to the Superior General, as her “memory and hands”. Gratitude for having been so was manifestly expressed, as was the request of the Spirit that Gloria might be so. After all, we are all called to be “help”: to one another, to other people, whom we will treat as “sons” and “daughters”.

When we live in this way the relays or changes, which are normal because change is part of life, we express the liveliness and joy of our vocation.


The community of the Curia