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Rest day and thanksgiiving

May 8, 2019

Day of rest. Day to contemplate Nature. Day of visiting two beautiful Italian places: Bagnaina and Caprarola. A day of sharing.  A day of thanksgiving. Everything is possible when there is something to celebrate. And every day we have many reasons to do it.

At 9:30 the whole group – the sisters of the GC, some sisters of the curia, left for Villa Lante in Bagnaina and after visiting the Palace and its gardens, we ate in a square under the warm Italian sun. After sharing the food we shared life and thanksgiving. We wanted to thank Mª Inez and the Council for their self-giving, their efforts, their life, at the service of the Congregation and of the Church and the world. Sofia Chang, on behalf of all, has dedicated said this:

On behalf of all, we thank you for these 12 years of dedication. I remember that six years ago, when you took over the service of Superior General again, we were all moved and we cried because we knew the great sacrifice which was leaving your sick mother at that time. Each time when you shared in your letters, so simply and sincerely, the motions that the Lord gave you, you made me feel deeply as an Hija de Jesus in the mission. You are so generous! God is our Father who takes care of everyone. Thank you! This gift represents our grateful hearts, with the hope of facilitating for you the joy of continuing to transmit the inspiration and touch of God.

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And so, simply but deeply, we continued, thanking Graciela also for her generosity in generously and promptly taking on this new service. And God, through our hands, has blessed her.

Then the old and new Counselors followed. And we gave thanks to God.

After having a coffee and ice cream, we continued towards Caprarola, where we visited the Farnese Palace. Culture and Nature in equal parts. Life takes on color when what is shared is born of the heart. We have enjoyed the day and we are ready to continue the work.

We continue to have reasons to be grateful.





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