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Send Us Your Light!

May 22, 2021

It is Pentecost. We would like to hear our voices united, Hijas de Jesús and lay of the Family of M. Candida. We would like to listen from the depths of our souls:

Come, Divine Spirit, send your light from heaven….,

with strength, in harmony with humanity and earth thirsty for goodness.


Come, loving Father of the poor, Gift, in your splendid gifts. We implore you this with confidence that you will hear us for you are “Father of immense goodness” and for in the presence of the poor you relent. And we are poor, Father, even if we are reluctant to discover our truth and to let you love it, Light that penetrates souls, source of the greatest consolation.

Come, Sweet Guest of the soul, a respite from our toil, breath, gentle wind, the joy that wipes away tears and comforts…: You know our labors and sleeplessness, sometimes fruitful, sometimes futile. Sometimes the basics are lacking: health or strength to hold on in sickness; the dignity of work, of food; a hand on the shoulder, a listening heart.

Come into the profundity of the soul. For sometimes we have too much of everything, too many things, too many interests, too much noise, too much “I”. Come into the deepest part of the soul and put light where these excesses foment darkness, lack of fraternity, and purpose.

Look at the emptiness of man if you are missing inside him; look at the power of sin, when you do not imbue with your breath. Prepare us as we open the way for your coming. Otherwise, we will not know the precious things you have instilled in our human heart that makes us diverse in gifts and are equal as daughters and sons to come together embracing those who are in distress.

Water the drought-stricken earth, heal the sick heart. Wash, infuse the warmth of life… Bestow upon us the clarity to distinguish the true Life and not from appearances that do not hold.

Come and accompany us to surrender the road, to relent the word, to give up the place… humble our untamed spirit, guide us when we wander from the journey.

Bestow your seven gifts by the faith of your servants. By your goodness and grace render every effort its merit: may all our endeavors be that no one is left behind or on the other side and alone or sinking in the sea.

Save those who search for redemption. We all seek you, Jesus; many without knowing what and like blind men, others struggle to seek you.

Give us your everlasting joy. Amen.

Sisters of the General Government, Hijas de Jesús.