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Shared Mission: the group grows, in Mater, Madrid

March 14, 2017

A few weeks ago, a group of us laity and Daughters of Jesus met in Madrid. Most of us had met before, in Orcasur, but the group is growing.
We talked about “communication”: what is it for us? How should it be or how do we understand it to be? What do we want to communicate? What holds us back from having communication that is deep and sincere?
In the dialogue, in the prayer, in the meeting, came many ideas, some of them collected in an article of Pilar de la Puerta that we had commented on, “Communication, the way of being of God and his Daughters”.
The ones that were most repeated in the group’s sharing were:
“Let’s look for an atmosphere of love, confidence, simplicity and joy …”
“… free time to look at each other kindly, without prejudices or judgments …”
“Through our veins runs the same blood of charism and mission”
We also talked about those things that prevent us from communicating: fear, insecurities, not feeling welcomed …
With the mind and the heart bent on an upcoming meeting, we said goodbye happy and excited by these moments that allow us to share experiences, feelings and concerns.

Eva Elena

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