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July 7, 2017

From July 1 to 7, 2017, we, a group of 14 teachers from Madrid, Almeria, Burgos, Pamplona and Vigo experienced the Spiritual Exercises offered by the Congregation every year in San Sebastian.
Once again we give thanks to God, the Congregation, the Sisters who welcome us, those who gave the exercises: Michel, Flora and Julia, and all the people who have facilitated it because it is a “great gift” to be able to be with God and with oneself, in this context in which everything helps: celebrations, nature, home, meals, etc., etc.
The most repeated word has been “THANK YOU”. We’re leaving with the desire to go back … we could even have stayed another day, they say. We have discovered the importance and necessity of silence.
What it has meant for us:
– A before and after in my faith. Reaffirming my faith
– It has been the best opportunity I have had in my life to know the Lord in a deeper, closer and more heartfelt way
– To be able to ask myself again, Lord, what do you want me to do?
– Getting rid of my defenses, recognition of what is really important
– Encounters with the Master in His Word and Sacraments
– Time for reflection, to stop, to get closer to God and to put order in my life according to what God expects of me
– A profound gift and an unexpected surprise that has overwhelmed me
– Interior order and knowledge with guidelines to continue working
Light, symbol of all that is good, great and beautiful, symbol of protection and company and that serves to evoke in a very special way the beauty and power of God.
Three lamps we have had in this way, lamps that have given us light to show us God, a hidden God but who has always been there. Thank you for revealing and enlightening us along the way to God, thanks to those three candles that have generated a spark, causing a fire of knowledge, wisdom, and change, a change that makes everything look different. We have changed and intertwined with life. And once that bonfire has been lit, there is no turning back, it will not go out. The search is eternal and happiness goes with it.
Thank you Lord for the inspiration and creativity given in these days; and also thanks, for we have felt our souls and faith in silence, now something unites us, the search and the intimate encounter with God.
We would also like to pray for those people, women and men, who do not understand that to be resurrected we must die first; give them the light of a good lamp. Thank you!