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Spiritual retreat to Potosí teachers

March 14, 2017

Like every year, after a few weeks of beginning of classes there is a day of spiritual retreat with the teachers of San Clemente; this year it was held on March 10 in the town of Molino – Potosí; we were joined in the retreat by those from “San Ignacio Institute”, a privileged place that for that experience. The retreat was given by Rommy Villarroel FI with three points from the Spiritual Exercises, the principle and foundation of our life, the merciful God and we are sinners but called by God, then from the movie: “The life of Pi”, which helped us a lot to enter and understand the experience of God in our lives.

We share some resonances of the retreat:
The moments that helped me were: the reflections helped by the biblical passages – the encounter with my self, the making of my personal SWOT. That despite being different we are works of God and we can be instruments to guide and accompany other people with our qualities and imperfections. My message: A unique experience! I am once again rediscovering myself and our creator, who is able to come into being through his word, which strengthens the spirit. Today I tell you in truth that: All of us teachers are capable in our imperfections in every sense of molding PEOPLE, so come on, companions! We are artists in the lives of others! Prof. Cesar Vargas.
Today March 10 we were the retreat masters in Molino with the purpose of a personal renewal: an encounter with nature, with our soul but above all with God. An experience that is often forgotten for various reasons, but at the end of the day helps us to think about our past, present and future. God cares for us so much that he makes us live good things and hard experiences so that we can learn from them, grow and strengthen our faith in God. Prof. Melina Córdova.
The most significant thing is the encounter with God and with myself. Learning to share, listen and understand, especially to learn to love one another. We say the values are lost, but in reality we are lost and if we do not recover it, everything will be lost. I will strive to regain faith, love and joy.

The retreat helped me a lot in my spiritual growth – the biblical quotations and the other complementary readings. Knowing that the Lord is with me at all times and does not leave me alone as in the life of Pi. I am very grateful to the Daughters of Jesus for giving us this space, and for giving us everything they learn. Thanking Sr. Rommy for facilitating with simplicity, closeness and depth. Thank you. Prof. Nelly Estrada
The moments of personal prayer helped me greatly with the guides provided by Sr. Rommy to talk with and meet God. The reflections in the big group and listening to the experiences of other people was also significant. I return strengthened to my daily life hopeful that as a team we educators can give the best to our students. Prof. Raúl Velasco

We simply thank God for so much good received, to the Daughters of Jesus for providing us with a space for personal encounter and especially the sisters who are in Potosí accompanying us in our formation as teachers.

Educators of Potosí