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Superior General’s canonical visit to Iloilo, Philippines

April 22, 2023

The canonical visit by the Superior General, Gracielaand her counselor, Teresa, a Iloilo, Philippines, has been a moment of great joy and emotion for the whole community of the Daughters of Jesus. There they were greeted with greetings of gratitude and fraternal hugs, and all of them felt the humility and the happiness of receiving Mother General and her counselor for the first time.

After arriving at the Daughters of Jesus School, they visited the chapel and presented their prayers to the Blessed Sacrament, showing their deep connection to the spirituality that unites them. They then visited the College, where they met with students and professors, and shared moments of joy and freedom in the guest house.

To formally welcome them, the CHJ organized a program that included displays of affection from the students and the talent of some of them in singing and dancing. Members of the PTA Board, the Alumni Association, the school principal, and the bursar also presented them with gifts.

In her opening message, Graciela expressed her love and adoration for Iloilo and its people and was delighted to meet the students, staff, and some CHJ parents during her brief stay. Students, teachers, and families were also delighted and eager to meet Mother General and waited patiently for their turn to take a selfie or chat briefly with her.

For the students, this brief encounter was a moment of grace and blessing, which relieved their worries and made them feel lighter and calmer. For them, meeting the Superior General was like an extension of the graces of the Pope and the Mother Foundress, and some expressed the desire to have a long talk with her.

The canonical visit to the Province of Indico-Pacifico continued with a meeting with the old and new Provincial Government at the Mater Dei Residence on April 5 and 6.

It was a moment of gratitude for the three years and a hopeful look at the possibilities of growth for the next three years. Graciela Francovig thanked the former Provincial Government for their service, dedication, and fidelity to the mission of the Daughters of Jesus, as well as for their support in the discernment of the new team. He also welcomed the new Provincial Government and encouraged them to work together in unity, harmony, and collaboration in carrying out the mission of the Congregation.

During the meeting, the participants delved into Part IX of the CFI and the DNC, which allowed for a better understanding of the rights and duties of the members of the Congregation and the processes of governance and administration in the life of the Congregation. They also discussed topics relevant to the life and mission of the Congregation in the province, such as the formation of the sisters, mission and apostolic life, and finances and administration.

Graciela and Teresa stressed the importance of listening to the voice of reality and of being close to the sisters and the people we serve. They encouraged the sisters to live their vocation with passion, joy, and hope, and to be creative in how we carry out our mission in today’s world.

In summary, the canonical visit to Iloilo was a moment of great joy and emotion. All have felt the humility and happiness of receiving these dear Sisters, and have shared moments of joy, freedom, and spirituality with them. This visit has strengthened the communities and kept the members of the Congregation in contact with the sisters, apostolic centers, and other members of the Daughters of Jesus community.