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Superior General’s Canonical Visit to the Dominican Republic

July 3, 2023

A hope fulfilled

Once again, we find the Superior General of the Hijas de Jesus outside Rome; now, in the Dominican Republic.

These meetings, which involve various segments of the Congregation, constitute an integral aspect of her role, arguably the most prominent and influential, and certainly the most eagerly anticipated.

During this particular instance, the Sisters of Sto. Domingo eagerly awaited her arrival at the airport on the 25th. Subsequently, they prepared a welcoming table for her near the Haitian border in Elías Piña. Thursday night, at the entrance of the residence in Santiago de los Caballeros, the sisters of Ntra. Sra. de la Esperanza stood prepared to receive her.

Then, here and there, each one hopes to have a more personal encounter. We are all waiting for that moment to share about our vocation, about what encourages us or what is difficult for us, about our path of growth, of overcoming…, of following our vocation. A road that is always unique, an “exclusive” route.

Graciela is visiting the houses of the Congregation in this region of the Brazil-Caribbean Province. She is also meeting with the educational works that the Hijas de Jesus animate in the country. Here the schools are state schools, but we have an agreement whereby we run seven. We have already visited the Politécnico Virgen de la Altagracia, the Escuela Virgen del Carmen and the Escuela San Martín de Porres in Santo Domingo and the Escuela del Valle Elías Piña. Here, the course has ended these days, but the opportunity is taken for an exchange of views with the management team or an interview with the director.

In Santiago, the anticipation remains for the arrival of the sisters from different residences, as well as upcoming meetings with the administrators of Politecnico Ntra. Sra. de las Mercedes and San Martín de Porres Technical School.

On His journey, how many people did Jesus meet on the road? Certain individuals were aware of His presence and eagerly anticipated His arrival, just as Zacchaeus did. On the other hand, some, like the blind man of Jericho, came to realize that Jesus was passing by and passionately called out to Him. Each of these encounters became a source of inspiration for freedom and life. May this visit be the same.

Maria Teresa Pinto FI