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Synodality in the Church

August 18, 2020


Supporting the 5 years of the “Laudato Si”, social networks have organized various proposals for its internalization with the commitment to open new paths. Some Sisters We from the community are participating in one of these conferences that one day a week are being held virtually.

We want to share some of the echoes that have reached us most of the cycle of conferences, Querida Amazonia, organized by the Diocese of Reconquista, (Santa Fe) in which several people are speaking. Mons. Ángel José Massin, Bishop of Reconquista, opened the session with the first topic: synodality in the Church, which is what we are going to share.

To tell us about synodality, he went back to the experience of the first Christians who manifested their identity as God’s people: they were called those of the Way. We walk with others, we discern with others. Church and synodality are the same, remarked the Bishop. Vatican II recovers the image of the Church as the People of God. In this regard, Pope Francis insists on a Synodal Churches as a line of action, a Church on the way, a field hospital, a Church of communion and participation. But living this experience is not easy. The image of the Church as an inverted pyramid came to us. No one can be elevated above others, it is necessary to stoop to put oneself at the service of the brothers.

In a second moment, the attitudes that we must cultivate in this synodal experience were shared. We highlight some:

Communion of faith, life and missionary commitment

Listen to the voice of Creation, the cry of the earth and the cry of the peoples. Listen and then speak. Each one listening to the others and all listened to the Holy Spirit. God is speaking to us in this time of pandemic.

Community discernment that implies attentive listening to the groans of the Spirit that continue to speak today in the Church.

These attitudes that we want to live today connect with our spirituality and the wishes of the Congregation that invites us to live them through different mediations:

Circular No. 2 of the Superior General, Graciela Francovig, to Srs. of Andean America and Brazil – Caribbean clearly expresses these attitudes that we have wanted to point out.        

By giving us his indications about the people for government positions, he tells us:

They have had the opportunity to say widely everything they have seen before the Lord, and he has. For us, this broad participation has been very beneficial. They have provided us with material and data for our discernment, without which we would not have been able to take into account some perspectives that only those who live closely with reality have.”. (Listen discernment)

“When we make availability – in fact – our habitual way of being and proceeding, together, we will be watching over the care of our charism, the inheritance that has been entrusted to us” (Communion)

In the concluding document of the meeting of the UISG and the USG, sent by the Superior General to read and comment on in each of the communities, we were told in this same sense: “Pope Francis has asked us many times in these weeks, walking together, as he often repeats, only together can we face the difficulties of this situation, and take advantage of this historical moment to give a new meaning to this turn that the path of humanity is taking… we are sure that the way forward it is the joint discernment in which the Spirit finds the space to guide us ”(Communion and discernment)

We remain open to the Spirit in the challenges and dreams that “Laudato Si” and the response of the Congregation in the care of Creation and of the common Home. We will have the opportunity to delve into other aspects and see how to share them.

Integral ecology, according to “Laudato Si”, gives us a new vision of the world that inspires us and moves us to take responsibility for the care of the common home and communion with Creation”

No 17  Determination CG XVIII

Comunidad FI Madre Cándida – La Plata (Argentina)