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Thank you for the response to PJV’s proposal

April 5, 2021

THANK YOU FOR THE RESPONSE TO PJV’S PROPOSAL “They are looking for passionate people called by God to walk with the young.” Thank you and YES.

Last March 25, the day of the “Yes” of Mary, we finished receiving the “Yes” to the proposal launched to the entire Mother Candida Family to respond to the call of the CGXVIII to “Walk with the young”. Now we are in full celebration of Easter, of Joy for God’s Yes to Life in all circumstances, for Love. That is why it comes from our hearts to thank God, and thank you for your participation, for so much prayer, enthusiasm, and availability in your answers.

This “movement” expresses to us what we have experienced when we received your responses to the PJV proposal: “We are looking for passionate people called by God to walk with the young”. What has come out of us is gratitude and awe.

Gratitude because we are witnesses that this “God wants it”; that there is fire, the Spirit is moving us, urging us, summoning … “Don’t you notice it?”

Gratitude for your response, excited and exciting, committed and generous. We are more than two hundred people from the Mother Candida Family; youth and adults; Daughters of Jesus and laity, those of us who feel “Passionate and called to walk with the young”. You may be one of those people. Thanks!

Gratitude for universalism. Thanks to God, and to all those Daughters of Jesus and laypeople who have promoted it. We have answers from ALL the countries in which we are in the world. Doesn’t this make us excited? Thanks!

Gratitude for synodality. It is beautiful, without putting any conditions … the answers have been more or less in this proportion: half young and the other half adults; of the adults, half Daughters of Jesus and the other half laypeople. We are going to walk together, of course, we will!

And amazement at making us witnesses of what our relationship with God is like and our commitment to his mission, like a great heart that pumps passion for each person to meet God, closeness to those who need it most, and Life for all.

Astonishment at “listening-reading” our dreams for the Vocational Youth Ministry of the Mother Candida Family in the world. They only open us to a very, very broad, innovative, inclusive horizon… but they also commit us all to walk together.

And overwhelming amazement to welcome all this within us and let the Lord tell us the next step to take. We want that we also live these new steps in the YVM from listening, discernment in common, on the synodal journey, from the experience of “transforming wonder” to do, each and everyone, only and everything that God wants in our journey with young people.

Teresa Li and Mª Carmen Jiménez, Daugthers of Jesus -Roma-


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