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Thankful, Lord – Preparation of the 18th GC

May 8, 2018

The petition with which we began the prayer was “to prepare myself with faith and a generous heart, in union with the whole Congregation, for the preparation of the 18th GC” and it was my backdrop for this work that gave me a heart full of hope and commitment. In addition, the readings of these days were propitious because they encouraged us to live trusting in the mercy and love of God who calls us to proclaim the Good News from daily life.

And the questions WHAT IS THE LORD CALLING US TO AT THIS TIME? WHAT DO YOU WANT US TO DO? They invite me to live a path of conversion. Likewise, this experience of preparation is a call to recognize the General Congregation as a moment of grace, getting closer to the Father’s plan. So let us work for the union of the body because it depends on us, on me, on what I do or do not do. We must all be involved, each one according to her condition. No one must be omitted, it is a call and a grace for all. The entire Congregation is called to be salt and light, so that they may see good works and glorify God.

Participating in this meeting has been grace and commitment. I thank María Inez and the general government, for the previous work, for these days, for thinking, seeking the good and well being of the Congregation through this hard work that they have done and this related preparation to carry out the PC.

The outing to La Storta and Anguillara was a break that led me to feel like Ignatius, that the important thing is to experience the Lord, that He is in and with us. Saint Ignatius had a special spiritual enlightenment and understood that the Lord told him: “I will be propitious to you in Rome.” “And one day, some miles before arriving in Rome, in a hermitage, praying, he felt such a mutation in his soul and saw so clearly that God the Father put him with Christ, his Son, that he did not have the courage to doubt this, but that God the Father put him with his Son”(Autobiography nº 96).  And to cap it all, the contemplation of Lake Bracciano, and sharing in such a pleasant company. Thank you, sisters.

Ana Apolonia Mendoza López


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