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The community of the Last Probation, from Rome

March 5, 2023

We have started our journey, and we want to share with you how we are living this time.

After the inauguration we had on February 2, together with the curia community, we began our time together in Rome, participating that afternoon in the Eucharist celebrated in Santa Maria Maggiore on the occasion of the Day of Consecrated Life.

On February 3, we started already with the themes proper to formation that Raquel Amigot has been proposing to us to work and share: our own biography in the key point of salvation; deepening the meaning of this time of Last Probation from our congregational documents; realization of our community project; rereading our own history according to the autobiography of St. Ignatius; the relationship between the Spiritual Exercises and the spiritual itinerary of Ignatius; the horizon of the person that emerges from the Spiritual Exercises; spirituality and charism of Mother Candida as a woman on the way; personal, apostolic and common discernment, and affectivity and sexuality.

Other sisters have also collaborated in the formation during this month at various times, with whom we have learned and enjoyed a lot: Sonia Regina Rosa in the theme of personal and group integration and Caterina Ciriello from the field of spirituality.

We took advantage of our days off to go out, get to know Rome, and grow. We also appreciated the art, history and so many things that the city has to offer: the Church of Santa Maria in Trastevere (that day we met a group of schoolgirls from the Collegio Maggiore Montellano (Madrid) who were on a cultural trip to the city); the chambers of St. Ignatius and the church of Iesù; St. Paul Outside the Walls and Tre Fontane… It was a good time to open up, enjoy, and get to know the sisters who acted as guides for us.

We have also been fortunate enough to have several moments of sharing and celebration in these weeks: the visit to the sisters of the community of Domus Regina Pacis, the arrival of Clara Echartethe visit of Simone (a Chinese Jesuit friend of the sisters who is studying in Rome)… as well as to celebrate the birthdays of Ana Baeza and Anna NguyenThe event was a time of beautiful moments of giving thanks for life and sharing joy with the sisters.

On the evening of the 28th, we began the experience of the month of Spiritual Exercises. February has been short but it has given much. It has helped us prepare for this important moment in the school of affection. We are with great desire, courage, and liberality. We are very grateful for the prayers that we know come from many places and people; we ask you to continue to accompany us during this time and we wish above all that the Lord may work in us to be more and more true Hijas de Jesús.

A hug from Rome:

Community of Last Probation 2023