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The Congregation that welcomes us in the Amazon

March 16, 2022

We have been talking for months about the “Lauritas”, the community that has welcomed us in the Amazon. Who are they, where were they born, who founded them, what do they do…? They themselves tell us.

We are “The Missionary Sisters of Mary Immaculate and St. Catherine of Siena-Mother Laura”

Our congregation was born in the territory of Indigenous Communities, in Dabeiba Antioquia, Colombia, with the Indigenous Katíos, on May 14, 1914. It was founded by Laura Montoya Upegui, inspired by the fifth word of Christ on the Cross: “I thirst”, a founding text, which I recreate with the expression: “Two thirsty Jesus of mine, you of souls and I of quenching your thirst”

Our Charism: Quench the thirst of Christ in the accompaniment of Indigenous Peoples(Indigenous), Afro-descendants, Africans, Peasants, and vulnerable populations.

We are currently in 21 countries: Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina, Panama, Cuba, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Mexico, El Nuevo Congo, Angola, Spain, and Italy.

Current Challenges of our presence in the Amazon:

The Synod of the Amazon and the document “Dear Amazonia”, have been of great joy and confirmation of our Charism and mission, because we already had a whole path and various processes in the Amazon, 108 years of the path.

Currently, the great challenge is in:

– Strengthening the Processes of Intercultural Bilingual Education.

– Accompaniment to the leaders and leaders defenders of Casa Común.

– The care of Mother Earth (care of the Common Home from the pastoral care of the Earth), in the face of the threats of extractive and illicit activities (such as drug trafficking, megaprojects, monocultures, and others).

– And the empowerment of Amazonian women is a key subject for strengthening culture and the life project.

Searches for intercongregationality: Synodal path.

We firmly believe that it is the time of intercongregationality, of the strengthening of Interculturality, time of construction of support networks, and articulation. So we are open to the Intercongregational experience.

Therefore, we also offer mission spaces and our fraternal welcome, where we are present to share our missionary experience in Amazonian, Andean and coastal territories. And with joy and deep gratitude to continue sharing and learning from other charisms, new perspectives, and contributions, in this key hour of history, in the Proclamation of the Kingdom.

We are currently part of REPAM and REIBA.

The current General Council is made up of the sisters:

Inés Zambrano Jara, General Animator.

Aleyda Riquet Fontalvo, Vicar General.

Yudyt Patiño, Mission Counselor.

Cristina Santillán, Secretary General.

Margarita Castaño, General Treasurer.

We want once again to thank the sisters of the Congregation Daughters of Jesus, by the presence of the Sisters,  Yomarys, and Kenya, in the Amazonian territory and in the Local Community of Wijint, welcome them with affection and gratitude. We believe that Mother Candida and Mother Laura will enjoy seeing their daughters contributing from their charisms to the native peoples of our beloved Amazon.

We stand together in prayer

Sr. Ana María Palomino Corzo mml – Animator of the Peru Zone.