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The Provincial Meets the Young Professed Sisters

February 13, 2021


In the morning of February 5, a first Friday dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we, 10 young sisters et online for an encounter with the Provincial, Sr. Emelinda Falsis, FI. We are sisters who have made perpetual vows less than 10 years ago.

The first-day session dwelt primarily on the question ‘What do you really want?’ It was a time of digging into one’s depths and getting in touch with our desires and dreams. Sister Lynn shared not only points of reflection but also her personal dreams and wish for the Congregation. Moreover, each one of us shared our present dreams with transparency and sincerity. It was a joyful reunion for us with a deep appreciation for a morning filled with the spirit of sisterhood and love.

The following day at exactly 9 A.M., we found each other together again for the continuation of our encounter. It was here that Sister Lynn shared about ‘the spirituality of care’ – from the lens of the Constitutions, the determination, and the encyclical Fratelli Tutti. She expounded on each topic that allowed each one of us to enter slowly and found ourselves moved to live this kind of life.

Questions were given for personal reflection

1) How do you take care of yourself?

2) How do you take care of your sisters, community, Province, and the Congregation?

3) and formulate one’s personal commitment. We shared, by dyads, our reflection, after which, we made our commitments done in a prayerful way.

We ended the session with thanksgiving for the opportunity to reconnect and to feel that we journey together despite the distance and the health crisis the world faces. We expressed our gratitude to one another and to Sister Lynn for this beautiful two-day pause which renewed our love for the Lord, the congregation, and our brothers and sisters.

Blessed be God who loves us dearly!

Patricia Aragon, De Davao City, Colegio de Stella Maris