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“The Red Chair” from “Colegio María Reina” of Madrid

September 27, 2016

Like every year when schools reopen, “Entreculturas” draws attention to the violation of the right to education in the world through “La Silla Roja” (the Red Chair). This year Entreculturas wants to draw attention to the consequences of environmental degradation on the exercise of the right to education and about the potential that education has as a generator of sustainable development, through the campaign “The Earth is our best school”.

During the launching of the campaign, held with a press conference at “Colegio María Reina” in Madrid, Raquel Martin, Communications Director of Entreculturas, said that at this time when classes reopen, “La Silla Roja” (the Red Chair) goes out to the streets “to claim that one of the causes that creates difficulties in going to school is the deterioration of the environment. Today there are over 263 million children and young people who are deprived of their right to go to school, many of them for environmental causes, such as the case of the Somali climate refugees who have fled drought and are in refugee camps in Ethiopia.”

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