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To be a Daughter of Jesus today is to LIVE the original call

August 14, 2017

To be a Daughter of Jesus today is to LIVE the original call: “… the pursuit of one’s own sanctification and the good of our neighbor more than our own well-being or temporal benefit”
On August 2, the community composed of the houses of Nazareth, Santísima Trinidad, and the International Juniorate of Belo Horizonte in Brazil, was convened and animated by the Superior General, Maria Inez Furtado, accompanied by the Provincial Superior of Brazil-Caribbean, Dayse Agretti, and General Consultor Jocelyn Salomo, in the spirit of fraternal dialogue. Maria Inez illuminated the experience of being a Daughter of Jesus today from the essential foundation: Jesus and His universal mission in which we are collaborators along with other people of good will. We are what we are today from our consciousness of our SPIRITUAL process, and we will continue TRUSTINGLY in that process in which we are invited to EXPAND: horizons, minds, visions… In today’s congregational human context, the time is favorable for divestment as an impulse to return to the essential, to grow and to work, discovering new ways of being DAUGHTERS OF JESUS and ways of discipleship.