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To know ourselves as Daughters… By Nancy Martínez

December 8, 2016

Every one of these days of the novena to our Mother and Guiding Star, Mary Immaculate, on the threshold of celebrating joyfully and happily for so much goodness received throughout these 145 years of foundation of our Congregation, what stood out was the sense of being a daughter, which makes us contemplate history with a grateful memory. What began on December 8, 1871, remains, until today, a way of life surrendered and entrusted to Jesus, a way of forming ourselves with Him, knowing ourselves as Daughters in the Son.
To know oneself as a daughter is to want to go every day to meet Jesus who as a generous Father already awaits us; it is to turn our heart to God, to a love that surpasses us, involves us, transcends us, grace full and overflowing, which, given in gratuity, enfolds us, making us experience that apart from Him we are nothing.
To know oneself as a daughter is to be in continuous search of that which, letting us be found by Him daily, causes us to ask: in what way? with what attitudes? How is my willingness to grow in belonging as a daughter who wants to live and feel it in her life?
To know oneself as a daughter is to savor history today, that, moving us inside, making us look at Jesus revealed in the life of Mother Candida, makes us provide the means, get ourselves on the road, desire to take constant and hasty steps towards Him, who already chose us and looked on us with love, who wants us to continue discovering him in the day to day, in the faces, often quiet and simple, of so many people; in events and realities that we encounter unexpectedly, where only by being pilgrims like Jesus, can we live it, broadening our perspective, extending and expanding our hearts to allow ourselves to be questioned by the God who lives and manifests Himself in everything, with the love of Father Creator.
To know oneself as a daughter is to let oneself be taught, to be guided by Him, who as Father will give us His grace and freedom as daughters; He will look after us from afar, His blessing will accompany us, and every time we return He will be there with open arms to embrace us.
To know oneself as a daughter is to nurture the shared desire that is multiplied in daily life, in life in relation to others, in the fraternity of sisters, companions on the road, collaborators of the same dream, love and surrender; it is to grow in sensitivity, respect and help, knowing how to be bridges that communicate the charism left as a precious gift by Mother Candida, who today continues to intercede with the Father so that we may be true and holy Daughters of Jesus.

By Nancy Martínez Guilarte, novice of the Daughters of Jesus