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Together for effective digital and evangelical communication

December 26, 2023

On January 24 of this year, the UISG launched the First International Meeting of Communicators for Religious Life. It was held online from November 27-30 under the title “Communicating Religious Life”. At that time they said:

As UISG, we recognize the growing attention and awareness towards digital communication by its members. At the same time, we see the need for more adequate professional training to meet the technological and communicative challenges of our complex and rapidly changing societies.

Throughout the year, the members of the Congregation’s Communications Office have participated in some of the events that have served as preparation for the event.

It is impossible to include here everything that was said, that challenged us and enlightened us, but we would like to echo the final Declaration.

Commitments are made in four areas:


  • Reinforce awareness that the paradigm in which we live, as a society and as a Church, is digital: this affects all dimensions of our lives, not only communication in social media.
  • We recognize that communication is a mission of Religious Life to which the Holy Spirit impels us in the Church to proclaim the Gospel.
  • To have digital missionaries in each institute with the mission of creating communion and bridges of dialogue in the sixth continent, the digital continent.


  • Professionalize communication by investing human and financial resources. Design an effective internal and external communication organization , in the service of an intentional and integrated communication strategy that follows a method.
  • Define the profile of the person in charge of communication and the members of his or her team (religious and lay) at the different levels (general, provincial and local).
  • To sensitize leaders at all levels about the digital culture and its potential in the field of evangelization, vocation ministry and the spread of the charism.
  • Cultivate collaborative leadership in communion and co-creation with government at various levels (congregation, provinces if any, and local). To privilege a synodal relationship based on fidelity and subsidiarity.
  • Encourage the participation and co-responsibility of all members of the congregation (sisters and laity) in a communication that goes beyond pure information. Involve members in the active production and sharing of content (news and resources).
  • Effective external communication is nurtured by good internal communication within the congregation.


  • Strengthen the professional formation of consecrated and lay people who work in communication in religious life.
  • To integrate, in initial training, the digital dimension, both as content and as a training method: educate for the digital and educate through the digital. To take care of the updating of the trainers, reducing the cultural gap between the analogical paradigm and the digital paradigm.
  • Foster a culture of digital communication and critical thinking among sisters, regardless of their age and function.
  • Learn and develop a spirit of discernment, essential in this ever-changing digital world.


  • Admire God’s work in technological ingenuity and in our mission. We use Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) with awareness and wisdom.
  • To know the possibilities and ethical limits of Generative Artificial Intelligence: educate for Artificial Intelligence, educate through Artificial Intelligence.
  • Use social media and other digital platforms to engage in dialogue with those outside the Church, daring to use language that can speak to those who do not share our same values. We are called to leave the “convent”, in the symbolic sense of the term.
  • To build spaces for collaboration, resource sharing and discernment among congregations in the field of communication. We are called to make the Charism of Religious Life more visible and better known.
  • Build a good relationship of trust with the press, Catholic and non-Catholic.

Digital communication is a means for mission and a place of mission. It is a new frontier where our contemporaries are and where we also want to be.

We thank the UISG for this possibility of training and networking of communicators to help us in the mission of communication that we have been entrusted with. At the same time, we assume the challenge of continuing to search together, synodically we now say, what the Spirit is calling us as Daughters of Jesus in this digital world in which we live, how to be Daughters and how to awaken Jesus in the hearts of people also in the digital space.

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