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Transmission of the 18th General Congregation: Spain-Italy

September 3, 2019

Throughout these weeks the transmission of the Determination of the General Congregation is taking place in all the provinces of the Daughters of Jesus. With these events, the areas that have been worked out in the meeting of the Daughters of Jesus last May which will serve to guide the mission of the Congregation during the next six years are transmitted to the religious and laity of the Mother Candida Family .
In the Spain-Italy Province, the transmission was carried out in three identical events in three places in Spain: Madrid, Granada and San Sebastián. These three meetings have been divided into two differentiated moments: a first one addressed to the Daughters of Jesus and a second which the laity joined. The meetings were guided by the icon of the Samaritan woman at the well, and the biblical quote: “Sir, give me this water so that I may not be thirsty.”
The laity joined in the afternoon of each of the three meetings. After helping them to take a short tour of the process followed and to go into the meaning and purpose of a General Congregation, the document about calls in the apostolic action, “… to go and proclaim”, was addressed. It contains 6 aspects that came out strongly during the discernment process carried out by the General Congregation that it did not want to lose, while at the same time, in order to avoid dissipating the nuclear meaning of the Determination, it was not considered desirable to include in it. These are “aspects of our apostolic work that need to be encouraged so that our collaboration with the Kingdom may have more vigor” and whose welcome is a means to live more deeply in shared mission:

    – Implement common discernment
    – Commit ourselves, from all areas of our mission, to protect the common home and to live an integral ecology in communion with all creation.
    – Respond to the pressing cry that comes from migrants and refugees.
    – Continue inserting ourselves in the ecclesial ministry with young people and journeying with them.
    – Remain open and in search of the horizon and the steps that the Spirit impels us to take as a charismatic family.
    – Promote the union and linkage, on a universal level, of the educators of the schools that follow the educational method of Mother Candida.

You can read the complete chronicle and the echoes of the transmission in the Spain-Italy Province by following this link.