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Valladolid, early December, 1871 (II) (by Teresa Zugazabeitia, fi)

December 6, 2017

It comes from here

Coincidence or causality?

It was not coincidence, the census of Quirinius. Nor was the wound that left Iñigo crippled and recumbent and bored, in Loyola.
Nor that Juana Josefa went to Burgos: “why I went to Burgos” she writes in her old notebook.
Nor the hostility towards the Jesuits that causes their dispersion and takes Father Herranz from León to Valladolid. His lifestyle will give him a margin of maneuver that might not be possible if he were in a conventional community.
Nor the assignment of Judge Sabater from Burgos to Valladolid. With all his familly.
Nor the friendship of the two families: the Herranz and the Sabater ..
Neither was it by chance, the meeting of the two in the church of Rosarillo, in the confessional of that side altar of the Holy Family.
Accustomed to the closeness of God, the two had received revelation gifts, that 2nd of April of 1869. It was Good Friday. In prayer, dialogue and discernment they try to find out … “the finger of God …” the secret remains between the two.

It was not a coincidence: the ways of God are not our ways, a psalm says.

And in those daily avatars, at times adverse, but not coincidental, they seek and find God and make all their synergies converge to fulfill His will.
They are well accustomed to seeing and loving God in all things and all in HIM …
And so they go to Salamanca in that old stagecoach, “to the land that I will show you”

The Jesuit companions were right in worrying about Father Herranz; young and very well trained: a real social asset for the Society and the Church. And what does he get into!
And the Provincial thought the same: he sent him to Vigo, far away, when he saw that the thing was getting serious.
Battle lost; the power of God is on his side: “Who is like God” …
Another coincidence: Herranz’ name is MIGUEL [MICHAEL].

And the Spirit of God continues to impel him, despite the physical distance, to keep alive the flame of what began in Rosarillo. His continuous Letters, his Writings, today, providentially, are part of our spiritual heritage

We are gambling with an edge: we have seen and felt the wonders of our Father God, who continues to watch the littleness of his slave. 146 years have passed since.

DAUGHTERS OF JESUS on mission: from Mozambique to Japan; from Usuaia to the Caribbean; from old Europe to the Philippines through Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, going as far as mainland China and Taiwan. Vocations of every race and place flourish. Although, as in the beginning: “few in number … it does not matter. The work is not yours. It is God’s.” As Father Herranz told us at the beginning, Our TODAY is a time of theological hope … “I will be with you until the end”

With MARY we sing the greatness of the Lord, and our spirit rejoices in God our Savior. We are DAUGHTERS OF JESUS, called to save, to heal … like Him.



Teresa Zugazabeitia F.I.