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We Are Already Underway!

January 23, 2021

The INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATION TEAM (EIC) was officially announced in the circular of our Superior General, where she told us:

“Communication helps us to know what we are living in some and other places of the Body and it is a means of union between us.” 

As you already know from the publication of December 10, the team is made up of five Daughters of Jesus who live in different parts of the world:

Mª Teresa Pinto attends the communication “in” and “of the” Congregation, from the General Government;

Mª Luisa Berzosa (Rome), coordinates the team as well as dedicating herself, among other things, to personal and institutional accompaniment. 

Celina García, is a Junior Sister and lives in Córdoba (Argentina), and is a theology student. 

Mª José Fernández teaches at a school in Madrid (Spain). 

Lee Uera resides in Parañaque (Philippines) and is in charge of communication of the Indico-Pacific province.

The initial meeting of the group was held on December 23, 2020 by videoconference in “synchronized” time, as the members come from different time zones. When the East goes to sleep, America is getting up and Europe sees the time to eat. We need to match schedules and rhythms, something that helps us to become aware of our universalism already from the external organization. The language also reminds us: a Spanish that has its nuances (from Spain and Latin America) and Lee’s effort to regain his good Spanish, which is also an opportunity to practice our English, which is very rare for some of us. María Luisa welcomed the members and expressed the joy of meeting from different parts of the world.

In the first meeting we shared what tasks we are carrying out in the places where we are, our feelings and dispositions regarding the assignment we have received, and the personal contribution we could offer in this particular service that the Congregation asks of us. The illusion is repeated, the desire to collaborate in the communication of the Congregation, to form a team among us, and that this communication is a help for the union and the mission of the Daughters of Jesus. We are also aware of our limitations: some about time, others about communication skills -a complex issue in our world-, but we trust in the team, in mutual-help and that God will lead the way if we listen.

In meetings, prayer has a fundamental place. We begin by being aware of the presence of God in each one and in the group, allowing ourselves to be challenged by his Word and by the resonance it has in us. Then come the topics on the agenda, the reflections. We want each job to truly respond to what God wants the group to work on. Experience of work, the experience of God, the experience of “walking in discernment.” That is why at the end the question always appears: How am I going?

We continue next January 30. Our first task will be to make the communication map of the Congregation with the data that we have already requested from the Provincials. Then we want to do a simple team project to start thinking about a Communication Project. We are going to need you. Now, as Pope Francis says, “Pray for us. We need it.” Later there will be other collaborations because the communication of the Congregation belongs to everyone, it belongs to everyone. We all communicate.

Lee Uera FI – Parañaque (Philippines)