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What Mother Candida loved moves me to…

May 29, 2023

On May 31 we celebrate the birth of Mother Candida, of Juana Josefa, the first born of a random marriage, in a random town, in a random country… But, for us, for us, she is someone very special.

To remember the birth of someone important is to make a stop on the way to give thanks again for their life, to bring them back to our memory for another year and let them challenge us today.

We asked you the question “What did Mother Candida love?” and many of you have sent your contribution to the party. Thank you!

We will be sharing it these days.

Let us continue to ask for one another to discover how we are invited to concretize TODAY the charism we have received. Mother Candida has already completed her career, but how do you manage yours in following Jesus?

We invite you to listen to the contributions that have come from all corners of the world and let them resonate within us. What moves you what Mother Candida loved?

Mother Candida loved…

  • To people, to the weakest.
  • To God the Father with all his being.
  • God’s love and trust.
  • Everything and everyone. He loved and let himself be loved.
  • He loved the Virgin so much that he placed the Institute under her protection and repeated throughout his life the phrase “Always carrying Mary Immaculate as the star of our paths”.
  • Being a daughter and caring for others.
  • To Our Lady, to be joyful, to the Congregation.
  • To Jesus and Mary as Star and Guide.
  • God’s will.
  • To God as Father.
  • LIFE because for her LIFE was Jesus and the others.
  • To the poor and needy, not only materially, but also to those who are poor spiritually.
  • To do God’s will in everything.
  • Life… so much so that he understood that if it is given out of love, God turns it in a mysterious way into more life, for more people, in more places….
  • To the poor in spirit.

Happy #31mayoFI!