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We love unconditionally. That is why we do

To bring out the best in each person, we land our mission in life.


Accompanying to be

We assume the challenge of accompanying the different stages of life from our being to bring out the best in each person. We are present in schools and educational institutions, but also in shared projects of social promotion and volunteering.

Walking with young people

Jesus calls the new generations to live life with meaning. We are invited to accompany them in this personal and faith process. Here you can find a group where you can share your desires, your concerns, your searches… your life.

Transmit Jesus,
our Father

We want to resemble Jesus and be his visible face today. Jesus is our origin and, in his Gospel, we receive the invitation to follow him through a concrete style: the charism received by Mother Candida.

Growing as a family

We are a family that loves unconditionally. God is the first one to set out on the road and nots flame to unite and walk together, guided by Mary and following in the footsteps of Mother Candida. We feel accompanied as a Mother Candida Family that supports, grows and creates. Lay people and Daughters of Jesus have the commitment to transform the reality where we live.