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Youth Commission

October 15, 2021

The #150FI enters its last two months of celebration. There are two moments left in which young people will be the protagonists. We are talking about the third International Youth Meeting that will take place on  November 6  via Zoom and the  Vigil on December 7, in which all those who wish to participate can do so.

Graciela, our Superior General, told us in her circular letter no. 20:

“The Commission on Youth – Daughters of Jesus and young people – has also been formed for another meeting with young people, on November 6, and the Vigil on December 7. This is a commission made up of members from each Province. We continue making a path of celebrating and of deepening in our identity and also touching down the Calls in the apostolic action that the GC made us”.

A few days ago, we learned the names of the members of this Commission.



Teresa Li y Mª Carmen Jiménez,  from Rome

Lorena Sevillo, from the Philippines

Leila Janaina, from Brazil

Celina García, from Argentina


Stefanía Merino, from Spain

Nilsia Sención, from the Dominican Republic

The Commission is preparing these two events. We accompany their work with our encouragement and prayer.


The Youth Encounter will take place on November 6, Saturday, from  1 p.m. to 3 p.m.  (Rome time) with the motto:  “When God gives you a name, He also gives you a mission”. If you are between 17 and 35 years old, do not hesitate and sign up  HERE. If you want more information go to the International Youth Meeting of the Mother Candida Family or click on the poster.