Words of Sr. Clara Echarte, FI

to the Sisters of the Renewal Course at the Eucharist as they were sent to the communities of Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil

May the strength of God keep you firm, may He gaze on you and may you allow yourselves to be gazed at by Him; may His ears hear you and may you listen to His voice; may His arms enfold you and may His heart shine in you.

Paraphrasing Maria Inez’ words at the closing of the 17th General Congregation:

We send you to encounter the Triune God, source of all goodness, virtue and vocation to share your lives generously and to communicate the face of the Risen One.

Go fearlessly and with that boundless availability which is ours... Go... so that whoever may meet you may be visited by faith, hope and love... so that our neighbors may have more life and may encounter THE GOOD.

Let yourselves be found by the Risen One who will come to meet you with joy and creativity; be attentive so that you may perceive His grace and His love which will be offered without measure.

May Our Lady of Aparecida, Patroness of Brazil, be the star of your way and protect you wherever you go, and may Jesus hold you in the palm of His hand every single day.