Throughout this year (December 8, 2020 - December 8, 2021) we commemorate the 150th anniversary of our Congregation with the spirit, in the words of our Superior General, “to thank what we have received, discover the fruitfulness of these years and deepen in our identity ».

We hope that this is a universal celebration that reaches the entire apostolic body, which is why we encourage you to regularly consult the 150 years website.


Entrevista a Graciela en Alfa y Omega (suplemento de ABC)

Entrevista a Graciela en la revista Vida Nueva

7 and 8 december:

Thanksgiving from the Superior General

December 2, 2020 - We launch the 150 years website. In it we will find information and information material, the logo, the motto, the next events and a summary of those that have taken place.

November 18, 2020 - Invited to set out by the Superior General in a circular letter, inviting us to live the preparation for the 150 years of life of the Congregation as a time of grace.