More than 400 young people from Taiwan participated in the WYD 2016. Some of them, after the experience in Poland, came to Rome. A group of 11 young people accompanied by Teresita Tsai FI (junior sister) and a religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary came on August 3 to our house to have a day of retreat and visit the exhibit of Mother Candida.
They told us that in Poland they had been housed with families, and these days they were living more as a group. Here at home they had their day of prayer and reflection and shared the experience they had lived so far. After participating in the Eucharist in the church of San Leone Magno, we shared pizza with them and were treated to their songs, their joy, and a huge card in which they thanked us, the community, for hosting them.

We gave them the rosary of the canonization and the card with the relic of Mother with the prayer in Chinese, which made them very happy.
We appreciate this opportunity that they have given us to participate in a simple way in WYD 2016. Thanks.

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We are a group of women consecrated to God who have come by different paths. We live in community and move through 19 countries, wherever the needs of persons are greater.


We want to follow Jesus, responding thus to a call that changed our lives and that has been transforming our way of understanding all reality. Today, being “Daughters of Jesus” is to be with Him, to contemplate life with His gaze, to try to live as He lived, to treat people as He did, to listen, to forgive and to lift people as He did, to seek with passion, like Him, so that what God wants for this world, his dream for all humanity, may be fulfilled. Our religious family feels especially called to live in a filial attitude toward God as Father, characterized by trust, confidence in his unconditional love, and praise. That face of God that we contemplate invites us to fraternity with everyone, to gratuitousness, simplicity and joy.


She is our Foundress, a woman who relied totally on God from her sensitivity to the most needy. It was in Salamanca, on December 8, 1871, when, with five other women, her adventure began with nothing more than the trust born of the knowledge that what one undertakes is “what God wants”. In this manner and with the name of Candida Maria de Jesus, this woman of scant education and scarce material means founded the Congregation of the Daughters of Jesus in one of the most important university cities of the 19th century, in Salamanca. The exclusion of women and the economically weaker classes from the fields of education moved Mother Candida to begin this path.


Young... adult... Are you looking for a meaning life? We have found it in a free and generous commitment to the Lord. If you want to know more about us, we can walk together and enrich ourselves. We are here to welcome you: