Mª Carmen Martín fi: "We are responsible for keeping the charism alive and this supposes “essence” and “existence”
In July, Maria Inez Furtado fi, Superior General, sent a circular letter to the sisters of the province of Spain-Italy communicating the appointment of the new provincial government. It announced that Maria Carmen Martín fi would be the new provincial superior.
Within days of beginning this stage, she answers some questions about her new mission of service to the province.
How do you face this stage that is beginning in the province?
With great confidence in God and the help of the sisters. This gives me immense strength and peace.
What are your dreams and projects for it?
That we may be able to give a possible response to the challenges of today ... And this, as apostolic Body, in communion with one another and with others ... And to give that response we have to live our vocation as Daughters of Jesus passionately.
Could you tell us some lights and shadows that you see on this journey?
Lights: the desire of all to move forward on the path taken by Mother Candida, the desire to unite forces and gifts ...
Shadows: that we lock ourselves in our poverty and limitations.
What would you say to us, the sisters, at this time?
That we take care of the Province in total co-responsibility ... each from what she is, from her possibilities and from where she is, feeling that the Province is “heritage” of each and everyone, and thus taking care of it as “her own”. We can not forget that we are responsible for keeping the charism alive and this supposes “essence” and “existence”, ie, being and acting.
And to the laity, as active members of this family of Candida Maria de Jesus?
That they be truly "active members" of this great family, also in their being, in their lay vocation, and in their doing. We count on them, their help and participation. Hopefully we walk side by side ... not before nor behind, but side by side, together in the mission.
What other comments would you like to make?
May we work every day with enthusiasm, excitement and hope, knowing that the work is not ours; it is God’s and He never fails. But in this work God himself wants to count on us. The gift is from Him, but He does not spare us from our task.

Published in Hijas de Jesús España-Italia