Last 15-19 March 2017 was the canonical visit of Sr Ma Inez Furtado to the community of Angono-Marikina-Parañaque. On the first day, Sr Ma Inez arrived from Davao and was warmly welcomed by the sisters present. After settling down & taking a light breakfast, she then began her individual dialogue with some sisters. The next three days, the sisters of Marikina & Angono started arriving & she continued her individual dialogue with them. On the morning of 17 March, she met with His Excellency Most Rev. Jesse Eugenio Mercado, D.D. Bishop of Parañaque. The bishop then joined the community for lunch. Sr Joy Salomo, who came from Davao, arrived in the afternoon to be with Sr Ma Inez. In the afternoon of 18 March, Sr Ma Inez had an encounter with the community. Present were Srs Joy & Thelma. On the last day, the whole community with Srs Ma Inez, Joy & Thelma went to Pansol, Laguna for rest & recreation. The following are the impressions of the sisters of the community on the canonical visit:

When the sisters asked Sr Ma Inez for her impressions of her visit to the community, she said that she saw the sisters happy and not bogged down by problems. She can see that the sisters are trying to put into practice the proposals of the Congregation. There is joy in searching together new ways of living our apostolic / community life. We also seem to understand the objectives of why we have to try these new ways. Finally, compared to her previous visits, she can see that the sisters in the Province have moved forward a lot.
Thank you Srs Ma Inez & Joy for your visit to our community. We will continue to relish this experience with you in our minds and hearts and live out the challenge of making Christ more present in our personal, communal & apostolic lives as Hijas de Jesus in the world today. 

Maria Inez, with the Bishop of Parañaque and the community

Day of Relaxation in Pansol Laguna

Mrs Villegas, Srs Leoly, Ma Ines and Cecile

Postulant Mary May, Ma Inez and Florie May

Ma Inez with Manresa School Drivers Felix Kenneth and Raul

Cecile, Ma Ines and Leoly with some students faculty and staff of Manresa School

Some staff of Manresa school, Leoly, Ma Inez, Cecile and Mrs Villegas