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março 3, 2016

Last weekend we, the administrative teams of all schools in the Dominican Republic, made the Spiritual Exercises in Santiago de los Caballeros accompanied by Lucia Taveras FI, who, illuminated by the Holy Spirit, gave us an experience of deep and close encounter with our Father God.

This experience, developed with the theme of Mercy from the perspective of care, was not only in keeping with the liturgical season we are living in Lent but also with the Jubilee year we are celebrating. It also helped us not only to become aware of the importance of taking care of ourselves in order to be able to care for others, but it allowed each of us, participants, to examine ourselves in how to proceed according to our philosophy and mercy.

In assessing the experience, most of us were one in greatly thanking God for the opportunity to live it, and to the Congregation and the Animation team for providing and maintaining the space; to value the presence of Lucia who with patience, joy, wisdom and above all firmness, helped us in every moment of prayer to connect with our reality in the family and at work… with the theme of mercy and our personal care in all dimensions.

In community prayer, in sharing our experiences of encounter with the Lord, we saw the seriousness and maturity with which everyone took the exercises and the assistance that these provided to enable us to seek with greater awareness the personal care of those who are near and those who are far.

At the end of the exercises we were sensitized about personal care and we all made our commitment to look after and care for others.

Care is a dimension of love… Let’s take care of one another!

By Lucia Guzman