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Closing of the Provincial Congregation in Brazil Caribe

janeiro 24, 2019

A journey of 9 days of prayer, discernment, reflection, fraternity and much sharing of life. The material that came to us, fruit of the reflection of the sisters and laity, was our sacred ground, which we were dealing with during these days.

The Spirit of the Lord was with us and, therefore, we are happy and grateful.

In the final evaluation, we explained how much we felt a true fraternal climate, a single community formed by 33 sisters, seeking together, without barriers of culture, language, localities and different ages. A cheerful group!

In the closing Eucharist Fr. Agnaldo, SJ reminded us that the Spirit assisted us and made it possible for us, filled with Him, to be able to see with the eyes of God and feel with the heart of God.

In the end, we anointed the Provincial Dayse Agretti and the four sisters elected: Altagracia Ventura, Melba del Pilar, Sonia Maria Rocha, and Sonia Regina Rosa, and we sent them to the 18th General Congregation.



Now we have to give thanks!

We thank, first God, for the many graces poured out abundantly on us, in that time.

We thank Sister Dayse for helping, with fervor, gentleness and tenderness, to keep us in a climate of discernment and therefore learning.

We thank the service teams for facilitating the way, the approach and the incarnation: Committee for the Treatment of Matters, Secretary and Vicesecretaries, Moderators, Scrutineers, Communication and Liturgy.

We also thank the technicians of the web portals, sites and blogs that brought to each one the news of our journey.

We also thank the service staff of the “Casa Santíssima Trindade” who generously took care of our strengths and energies with a healthy diet and an appropriate environment.

Finally, we also thank each sister, lay person, friends, social net users, for their prayers, messages of encouragement and unity and for close support.


May God lead us all by his ways.

We will keep our flame of prayer lit for the 18th GC.

With Mary and Saint Candida, our fraternal embrace.