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1st International Meeting of FASFI Delegates

May 11, 2018

Under this slogan, “Abriendo Horizontes” [Opening Horizons], the First International Meeting of Delegates of FASFI in Madrid (Spain) began this weekend. 30 people from different places are participating: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Bolivia, Spain, Dominican Republic, Venezuela …

We are accompanied by Maria Inez Furtado, Superior General; Mari Carmen Martín, Superior of the Province of Spain-Italy and María Teresa García Román, President of FASFIA.

After a round of presentation of the participants, we shared a very inspiring prayer time, motivated by Jessica, from Badalona.

Then with an entertaining dynamic of phrases about FASFI, a very rich dialogue took place around its identity. And the morning ended with a dialogue on the Strategic Plan.

We took advantage of the break to ask for a testimony from several people:

• What feelings are stirring within you?
• A word for the future of FASFI

Norma, Argentina, in Montevideo (Uruguay)

• Joy, a lot of hope, motivation, enthusiasm
• Sense of Body, of family, we are one

Eddy, Dominican Republic, in Salamanca (Spain)

• Joy, feeling that we are all in favor of the most needy, that the projects are in favor of Jesus
• Visionary, with medium, short and long term experiences, to follow what M. Cándida dreamed

Marisu Parrado, Valladolid (Spain)

• Much joy, hope at having come, learning
• Hope for what we can contribute to the world and open horizons, and much better to do everything together

Mati Polanco, FI, Dominican Republic, in Venezuela

• Gratitude to FASFI, as a platform to reach so many places, because this meeting does not end here; but whatever we reflect and learn, we will take it to our respective places, and therefore our horizons are already widening
• A word like freedom, justice, solidarity … when we not only give things, but find ourselves as brothers and sisters, persons with whom we relate, thus we also improve FASFI.

Teresa G. Román, FI, Segovia (Spain)

• A lot of hope and anticipation
• Discovering new paths, the trajectory is so rich that this is an impetus for new paths

Ana Cáceres, Almería

• Overpowering emotion to share what we have inside and give it life
• Fidelity to the Word of Jesus, who has given us what we have

Undoubtedly these feelings and desires will be shaped throughout the 3 days of meeting, and our geographical horizons and those of our hearts will be expanded, and FASFI will grow internally and externally in universal solidarity.