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#31mayoFI – Golden Jubilee: Ana María Fernández Arenas

May 31, 2017

Ana María Fernández Arenas resides in the Community “Casa Noviciado Mostenses”, in Salamanca, and this is the message she sends us for her Golden Jubilee:
1.- What springs from your heart at this celebration of your Golden Jubilee?
What springs from my heart when I think about the proximity of my 50 years of religious life ? What I wrote down on my calendar, on May 31, many days ago: Thank you, Lord, for so much good received!!!
2. From this experience of life as a Daughter of Jesus, what would be your message for the sisters in formation?
My message to the sisters in formation: The main thing is great trust in the Lord
3.- Can you tell us something about your dreams and wishes for the future?
I don’t have certainties, among other things, because my place of residence has changed, with the assignment of the month of March. Whatever it is, “if we live, we live for the Lord; If we die, we die for the Lord” (Rom 14: 8).

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