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“A journey through educational innovation”

May 24, 2017

“Escuelas Católicas” [Catholic Schools] presented on Tuesday the documentary “A journey through educational innovation” at the CaixaForum headquarters in Madrid, attended by a hundred people and in which part of the protagonists of the educational innovation project participated in a colloquium. Our school in Tolosa, Herukide, has participated extensively through the representation of several teachers of the center, among them, our Sister Ana Zubiri.
The premiere of the documentary was introduced by the Secretary General of “Escuelas Católicas”, José María Alvira, who in welcoming the audience emphasized that “innovation makes sense if the goals are clear.” An introduction that concluded with the words of Irene Arrimadas, director of the pedagogical innovation department of “Escuelas Católicas”, stressing that “innovation is part of the DNA of our Christian educational project.”
A film starring 14 schools of “Escuelas Católicas”, from all over Spain, who are leading educational processes of pedagogical innovation. A documentary that helps to visualize a part of the movement “For Educational Innovation” and which integrates the “Teachers in action” program, represented in a wide range of educational institutions, centers and communities.
An audio-visual testimony that traces the multiple active educational innovation projects that have evolved over time in the classrooms of the “Escuelas Católicas” centers. A recording of 60 minutes that shows the fruits that have been reaped in these six years in which the movement “For Educational Innovation” has been active. An extensive initiative that aims to share experiences, design projects and create a network of innovative teachers through a pedagogical plan in which more than 6,000 teachers and managers of centers belonging to “Escuelas Católicas” have trained.
After the screening of the documentary the participants were able to attend a colloquium between three essential protagonists of the project: Mar Izuel, director of “Colegio Nazaret-Oporto” of Madrid; Cristóbal Calero, Director of “Colegio Cardenal Spínola” in Madrid and César Poyatos, professor at “Colegio San Diego y San Vicente” in Madrid and member of the Teachers in Action team. An intense conversation in which the role of innovation in the school was raised and testimonies such as that of Cristóbal Calero, who explained the need to “begin to convince ourselves of what we want to achieve from the centers with the Innovation” by appealing to innovation “in order to be us”. An issue in which Mar recalled explaining, through a testimony, what kind of improvements innovation brings: “When a student comes to you and questions things about the center with a critical sense, there you realize the power of innovation in the classroom”. César Poyatos, former student and now tutor of the program, defended the need to properly communicate these innovative projects “by showcasing what we do in the classroom and in our centers”.