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A mate to go to Argentina

April 11, 2022

Mª Carmen Jiménez will be flying to Argentina, to Córdoba. Yesterday we said goodbye to her at Fiumicino airport. She has lived in this house, as part of the community, for a little over a year.

From here she has worked on the response to Call 4 (7), to continue inserting us in the ecclesial pastoral with young people and to walk with them. Now he will continue to do so from another latitude. He has also been a support in some more intense moments during the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the foundation. We are grateful for his help on many occasions, for his participation in the activities of the community life, in the meetings, in the liturgy, we will miss the joy of his guitar. God has given her many gifts, which she will now share with other sisters and other people.

On Saturday afternoon we began our farewell with a prayer of thanksgiving and forth. We invoked the Spirit to assist her in this new stage of her life. The Word of God will not be lacking for her and we listened to the one that says so much to her, that of St. Candida Mª de Jesús, “you have hidden these things from the wise and learned and made them known to the simple… my yoke is easy to bear and my burden is light” (Mt. 11, 25-27).
We listened and sang inwardly or half-spoken “the audacity of the heart”. We sang “Missionary Soul”, and at supper we learned that it originated with young people in Argentina some years ago. We sang “Take, God and receive”, and the Hymn of the M. Candida at the end. Candida at the end.

It was an emotional moment, full of symbols, of wishes for her and for all of us, but mainly for her: faith, trust, joy, openness to other perspectives, new desires, consolation… She also left us symbols that alluded to her family, to young people and to our presence as Daughters of Jesus in the world as a “good smell”. We thank her for her availability and ask God to continue to encourage her.

This was followed by a snack-dinner that was a little different, in which at the end there was a detail that we want her to remember us with, a mate! When we write these letters Mª Carmen is still flying and we feel that we are flying with her.

Daughters of Jesus.
Community of the Curia.