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A new Renewal Course begins

September 15, 2023

Today, September 15, a new Renewal Course begins,

“a help to deepen one’s vocation from its evangelical roots and to take it up again from this stage of life, to give it to God with greater generosity and fidelity, and to others, with greater simplicity, serenity and wisdom”. PGF, n. 185

This year 20 Daughters of Jesus from all provinces are participating: ten from East Asia, one from Spain-Italy, three from the Indian-Pacific, three from Brazil-Caribbean, two from Andean America and one from Mozambique.

The day started with some motivational words by Sônia Regina Rosa Then, together with the Curia community, they attended the Eucharist where the Superior General encouraged them to enjoy the experience internally and to make Mary their helper.

Finally, in the afternoon, the group had its first organizational meeting .

We unite in prayer for these days of living authentically our vocation as Daughters of Jesus, sharing who we are: Daughters and Sisters.