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An encounter of the Body with the body – Mozambique

May 22, 2023

The Daughters of Jesus, no matter how great the distance that separates them and whatever the work they do, must feel that they are members of one body. (Cf. IFC,180)

The Canonical Visit of the Superior General to Mozambique had the flavor and color of an encounter. The strongest tone was gratitude to the God of the meeting for all that he made us feel and feel in us: communion, joy, hope, trust, enthusiasm, searches, desires, challenges, challenges.

These were very intense daysof touching in depth the life and mission of the Body in this frontier place, in the key of prayer, dialogue, listening, openness, welcoming, with a contemplative gaze from the heart and with the heart. It was an opportunity to share together the challenges posed by this reality in which we Daughters of Jesus are present, as expressed in number 4 of our current determination:

We have looked at the world to which we are sent, a world whose ambivalent reality calls for help and pushes us to be a response to some of its strongest needs. We see that people often walk without strength, without hope and we have been reminded that consecrated life is called to be a balm, an encouragement, a kind presence, an impulse, a suggestive question, an expert in communion, a life that makes Jesus of Nazareth transparent.

It was also a grateful remembrance of the road traveled on this continent, where the Daughters of Jesus came to collaborate with others in God’s project. And in this grateful look, it was to accept once again that the work is not ours, that we are simply instruments of God, with the desire to be faithful narrators of what is asked of us today as daughters and sisters. We feel invited to offer what we are, making our charismatic identity more visible, knowing that it is God who sustains us, and that it is a congregational grace to be in this corner of Africa.

for a land without frontiers, they are your missionary daughters, they are the Daughters of Jesus

Massiel Castillo, FI