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An experience to announce

June 29, 2024

Renewal of temporary vows in Granada

My name is Mayerly and I am a juniora of the Daughters of Jesus. I am Colombian and now I am sent to Granada to complete part of my training: my studies in Theology.

My formation in the Congregation began in 2019 as an aspirant and postulant. In 2021 I traveled to Córdoba (Argentina) for my novitiate, which ended with my profession of first vows on June 5, 2023. From there it was sent to Spain, where I am currently located.

A few days before, I had been preparing for this moment by preparing my heart, going through my memory of what I had lived in the last year, thanking God and collecting each of the experiences I had lived: the joys and fatigue of the road, what I had learned and unlearned. There the Lord has also made himself present and there I have found him pouring out his love.

“Lord, you probe me and you know me.” With this simple verse began Psalm 138 of the Liturgy of June 24, feast of the Birth of St. John the Baptist. And it is this same verse that accompanies me for this “renewed” time.

It was also the day on which we celebrated the Eucharist for the renewal of my temporary vows as a juniora Daughter of Jesus at the International House of the Juniorate in Granada. In a very simple and welcoming atmosphere, presided over by Fr. Diego Molina, sj, together with some sisters from other communities who were also present to accompany me and whom I thank.

Living and deepening on this renewed “yes” that the Lord gives me by his grace, and for which I feel grateful and committed to continue seeking and finding his will in everything, like John the Baptist, I want Him to continue guiding and supporting me along the way with so many people who accompany me and, in this way, to continue announcing and pointing Him as the only Lord and Master who is here and continues calling me to serve Him in others; and He continues calling many young people to follow Him.

Mayerly Ruiz Suarez FI Juniora
International Juniorate in Granada (Spain)