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And we continue in discernment…

May 12, 2019

How do we define these days? How can we express what we are living in the GC? Perhaps these two words may sum it up: process and search. A process that is being carried out smoothly and a joint search through the reflection groups and the assembly. In this process and search, the actual wounds of our world and the voices that reach the GC through all the Hijas de Jesus and the laity are very present. As it is process and search we do not know where it will take us, we only walk with the

And precisely we ended the day yesterday with the Eucharist, accompanied by José Magadia, a Filipino Jesuit who spoke to us: “The challenge of the gospel is to go beyond our desires, plans and hopes. Yes, let us plan, let us wish, let us organize … but at the end of the day we are first asked to listen to the voice of the Good Shepherd and follow it. This requires an act of balancing, and to live tensions constantly. “

Yes- that- Listen. Process. Search. He leads us…

And we can also express what we are living with other words such as communion, sharing, enjoyment … and rest. Today we had the day off and in the afternoon we were able to go to the Curia of the Jesuits where we enjoyed the beauty of the mosaics of Rupnik, a Slovak Jesuit, a great artist capable of moving us through his mosaics. Pure beauty, theology and faith.

We always have reasons to thank God. And we keep saying: “And God saw that it was good.”.