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June 25, 2017

Our Superior General, Maria Inez Furtado, has just written to the Daughters of Jesus of the Caribbean, Latin America and Mozambique to communicate various appointments: the new governments of the provinces of Andean America and Brazil-Caribbean and the new mistresses of formation in America. “Before doing so, I want to convey to you something of the joy that I have experienced in this process of discernment, noting that, although “so few in number … “, we have not ‘lost’ the availability to be sent. I have witnessed significant growth in the ability to participate in discernment and, above all, with ALL the sisters with whom I have talked, I have experienced a total openness to express their situations without ever putting in ‘second place’ the willingness to accept that which, for the good of the Body, we saw fit to ask them: I want you to give thanks with me for that gift which is pure charism alive and running in our veins. Let us give THANKS first to “God who is our Father and who will not fail us” and then: “THANK YOU SISTERS!”, she says at the beginning of her letter.

1. Provincial Government of Andean America:
Provincial Superior – Sr. Marlene Serrano Ardila.
First Consultor – Sr. Antonia Felisa Sotelo.
Second Consultor – Sr. María Antonieta Hernández Porcel.
Third Consultor – Sr. Ana Apolonia Mendoza López.

2. Provincial Government of Brazil-Caribbean:
Provincial Superior – Sr. Dayse Marianela Agretti.
First Consultor – Sr. Regina Célia de Oliveira.
Second Consultor – Sr. Reginalda Mendes Barbosa.
Third Consultor – Sr. Melba del Pilar Neris Guzmán.
Fourth Councilor – Sr. Gisélia Maria de Sousa.
3. Mistresses of formation in America:
Novice Mistress – Sr. Altagracia Iris González Ventura.
Junior Mistress – Sr. Regina Célia de Oliveira.

Maria Inez thanks “the dedicated contribution of Sônia Maria and Dayse to formation in the Congregation in this way – I am sure that we will continue to count on their experience as an aid in this field. They spent years working in initial formation: Sônia for thirteen years and Dayse, ten; and that’s a school of FI life. We will continue to count on your help!”.

“With immense affection and in a very special way I want to thank Srs. Graciela Francovig and Sônia Regina Rosa for the dedication of their persons as Provincials for ten and nine years respectively. I thank especially their boundless dedication in these first six years of operation of provinces so widespread, with all that this has supposed to them. You were an unconditional aid for the government of the Body and, no doubt, you have contributed to the growth in its WELL-BEING. May the Lord bless you for the GOOD shared with such generosity, Sisters!
I continue to thank now Srs. Mª Ángeles Iturrioz, Gislene Pinto, Marlene Serrano, Iris González and Dayse Agretti, for the service of Provincial Consultor that they have just completed in their provinces. “God is the one who knows best how to thank you for this valuable collaboration. THANK YOU EVERYONE!”