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At home (Bolivia)

May 5, 2020

In Bolivia, since March 16 they said that they were going to be strict for health care because of the pandemic, they gave a week for people to get what they need to be at home. We, who are in Cochabamba, are few who went out for pastoral action or for the various purchases of what was necessary, so it was not so difficult to comply with the measures that were given.

Since before the roads were closed I came from Buen Retiro to go to the doctor, but since the hospitals and clinic were already strict, the doctor advised me better to stay home for better prevention and health care, and so it was.

It really is a grace to BE and FEEL SISTERS, this time of BEING AT HOME, as we have all become aware of what it means to be all together and at home. The different materials that are arriving to better live this time of quarantine has served a lot to have patience, since no one went out (except those who go shopping when the day comes), nor receive visits at home.

It is being at home has led us to be creative and seek how to be better help for the sisters and the community group, we have celebrated the gift of life of Nieves Hernando and Maialen (Volunteer); some fixing and taking care of the home garden, others helping the one who needed us, sharing laughter with the anecdotes remembered, jokes, also sharing grief of loss of a family member, praying together and already having the opportunity to celebrate the virtual Eucharist all days with the Mass of Pope Francis, joining from prayer to so many families of our people and families from different parts of the world. Every day news reaches us and we intend to pray for the suffering brother / sister.

And we accompany the entire province from the news that comes with Prayer.

Hna. Rommy Villarroel FI
Cochabamba – Bolivia