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Bet on psychological support at a distance

April 9, 2020


We are still in a state of confinement and the Daughters of Jesus are adapting to respond to the needs that arise in our environment.

The Red Filhas de Jesus has school units in the cities of Belo Horizonte, Leopoldina, Campinas, Mogi Mirim and Bragança Paulista; in addition to social works in Belo Horizonte, Montes Claros and Rio de Janeiro. There are more than 1,300 professionals who serve approximately 6,000 students.

The Network of Schools of the Daughters of Jesus of Brazil wondered “how to maintain the mental and emotional balance of these professionals who had to reinvent themselves and innovate the ways of teaching in such a short time. Teachers, technology professionals, educators, social workers , directors, assistants and various other employees who, in addition to learning new ways of working and teaching, are also isolated parents and children.

They found that:

“After more than two weeks in quarantine, the mental and emotional health of the teachers and collaborators became one of the points of attention of the Network of Daughters of Jesus. Anxiety and stress, which are almost always inevitable at times like those that cross the country, can affect people’s emotions, a concern that grows when it comes to professionals who care for and educate children and adolescents. “

His response was to offer psychological support to collaborators and teachers.

Read the full article, written by Renata Dantas, on her website.