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We bring out the best in each person, in a multicultural environment with 36 nationalities of indigenous peoples. With the challenge of diverse cultures and languages.

The culture of Bolivia in its diversity is made known through welcome, hospitality, joy and generosity. Its people are very warm and close, self-sacrificing and hard-working. It is a homey and expressive country from what they are and in their own way.

The Daughters of Jesus here stand out for our missionary spirit, our presence in the midst of the poor, in education together with Faith and Joy and in the promotion of women.

We are always looking for where and how to be of help to others: to look together, to go where the need is greatest. Our capacity for discernment and the desire to go beyond impel us to live our vocation and mission with joy.

Here we recognize ourselves in the sense of community, fraternity, welcome and hospitality, the sense of work, of feeling useful to others.

Good Retirement

It belongs to the Comunidad de Occidente. We have a boarding school called “Daughters of Jesus”. Also the Educational Unit “Oscar Unzaga de la Vega” Fe y Alegría, which provides Technical High School.


Belongs to the Community of the West


Belongs to the Western Community where you will find us at the Unidad Educativa Técnico Humanísitca “San Clemente” Fe y Alegría.


It belongs to the Community of Oriente. You will find us at the “Virgen de Cotoca” Fe y Alegría Educational Unit.

Santa Cruz de la Sierra

It belongs to the Community of Oriente. You will find us at the “Candida Maria de Jesus” Fe y Alegria Educational Unit.

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