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Building the International Communication Team

March 10, 2023

The International Communication Team of the Daughters of Jesus continues to work to broaden the dissemination of our messages through more effective communication that can become a means of Good News for all.

A key question remains on the table:

What does God want from the Congregation in the area of communication?

Following this path, the sixth meeting of the EIC took place today to finalize the work of the Team.

The meeting began with the Parable of the murderous vinedressers. Mt. 21:33 and a reflection: do i feel like an architect? do i feel like a cornerstone? You may not feel like a cornerstone, but you do feel like a building stone. And so, little by little, from different parts of the world, each communicator has contributed his or her perspective and feelings.

The lines of work to be followed by this team are:

  • Close and effective relationship between communicators .
  • Work on common projects that help us to communicate from each sector in the same key within our differences.
  • Communication training as a mission.

The project is not yet finished, but it is progressing at a good pace thanks to the cohesion of the group.

With hope in Mary, we ask her to guide this journey.