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CAE International Meeting 2019

March 11, 2019

We were gathered from March 4 to 7, 2019, at the General Curia in Rome, to respond to the request of the Superior General, Maria Inez, in her Circular Letter No. 100:

“Read the data of the congregational financial report and give their opinion on the economic-financial situation of the Congregation, on our administrative organization and the measures taken -or those to be taken in the future- in the administration of the assets entrusted to us.”

The CAE, as you know, is coordinated by the General Treasurer, Yajaira Hernandez, and has three other sisters: Carmen Sastre (Spain), Cecilia Solis (Philippines) and Maria José Alves (Brazil).

The first day of the meeting, Maria Inez accompanied us, gave us guidance on how to read the data of the economic-financial situation of the Congregation in its different works, communities and provinces, and how to reflect on the administrative organization to be able to provide some conclusions regarding the present and the future of the administration of the assets of the Congregation.

We worked enthusiastically, bearing in mind that this service is true apostolic mission and that it requires of us a lot of responsibility and dedication to take the data, interpret it and offer elements that facilitate the reading of the reality of the congregation for the sisters who will participate in the 18th GC.

At the end of the meeting, we presented a summary of the work of these days to the Superior General.

We thank God for the “lights” he has given us in relation to this topic, economic and financial, and the General Government for the opportunity to collaborate in this field of our apostolic mission.

We remain united, accompanying the 18th GC with our prayer.